The Team

The team behind HeliSwap is composed of experienced crypto veterans that have proven themselves to be successful builders capable of keeping the community front and center.

The development of the HeliSwap DEX was a mutual effort of the creators of MANTRA DAO, the cross-chain decentralized finance protocol, and the blockchain development firm LimeChain as the tech vendor.

Funding for the development of HeliSwap was provided in the form of grants from The HBAR Foundation. The goal of the grant program was to create an open-source DEX blueprint for the Hedera ecosystem to utilize and build off of as it expands in the future.

The Team behind HeliSwap:

HeliSwap Team:

Tech Vendor and Support team:

Below you find more information on LimeChain and MANTRA:

LimeChain originally started out as a small boutique blockchain solutions company as smart contracts and ICOs became a trending topic in 2017.

Since that time, the firm has grown to become one of the top Blockchain companies in the world, hosting a clientele of Fortune 500 companies and well-known Web3 startups.

Comprised of a team numbering more than 100 skilled developers and professionals, LimeChain has delivered on more than 150 projects in sizes large and small โ€“ all the while amassing a wealth of Web3 knowledge and know-how in the process.

The portfolio of services offered is wide-ranging and includes dApp and DeFi development, token and non-fungible token minting (NFT), smart contract development and Web3 consulting.

Aside from Hedera Hashgraph, some of the other clients and platforms that LimeChain has provided blockchain development services for include Polkadot, The Graph, Universe, MANTRA, Celo, IMVU, P&G, and Raiffeisen Bank, among others.

Speaking specifically of Hedera Hashgraph, Limechain was heavily involved in the development of Hederaโ€™s distributed ledger technology (DLT) and built out a large portion of the existing infrastructure. This, among all their other desirable attributes, made them the perfect partner to develop HeliSwap.

Limechain is the tech vendor of HeliSwap and heavily involved in the development and maintenance of the HeliSwap DEX.

MANTRA is a community-driven DeFi ecosystem that is focused on creating a suite of cross-chain DeFi products.

Starting as a whitepaper for MANTRA DAO during the DeFi summer of 2020, MANTRA has evolved into a suite of DeFi services including a multi-asset staking platform, money market lending protocol, gamified rewards pool and token issuance launchpad.

The MANTRA suite is natively built on the Ethereum network and has cross-chain integrations with BNB Smart Chain, Polygon and Solana. And as evidence of their goal to become a premier cross-chain DeFi protocol, the developers behind MANTRA are currently working on launching their services on HECO and Polkadot โ€“ along with casually developing their own native MANTRA Chain at the same time.

What started out as a simple DeFi DAO has evolved into a modern, multi-faceted protocol that offers vertically integrated and regulatory-compliant blockchain ecosystems.

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