Pools - Create a Pool with an ERC20 Token

❗If you wish to create a pool with an ERC-20 token which is not yet part of HeliSwap’s token base, you would need to manually supply the token info to the protocol.

  1. Go to All Pools or My positions and click Create pool.

  2. Click on Select token.

  3. If the ERC20 token you wish to supply is already in HeliSwap's base, posting its token address or tokenID will show the token. If after supplying tokenID/token address you receive the Not Found message, below you will find an option to import this token and add it to the base. Click Import.

4. In the next modal, manually provide the number of decimals this token has. In this case, we have used the LINK token with 18 decimals, however some ERC20 tokens have a different decimal amount. Make sure you provide the correct number and click Import.

5. The token is now imported and a pool can be created with it. It is expressed as an ERC20 token in the UI and the balance is not viewable due to HashPack not supporting ERC20 tokens yet. Knowing your balance of this token you can supply the desired amount. Fixes for this are in the pipeline and will be available soon.

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