How to Stake your QuickSwap LP token into the MANTRADAO Yield Farm

To incentivise our community and liquidity providers to the MATIC <> HELI[0x] Pool on QuickSwap, the HeliSwap team, in collaboration with MANTRA, has set up a Yield Farm on the MANTRADAO Website.

The Yield Farm on MANTRADAO.COM works in a similar fashion to the existing Yield Farms on HeliSwap. As with any other DEX, Liquidity Providers on Quickswap also receive an LP Token as a "receipt" of providing liquidity. These QuickSwap LP tokens can be staked into the MANTRADAO Yield Farm and earn APR.

Step 1: Connect Wallet and find the Yield Farm

Once you have provided liquidity on Quickswap and you want to stake your LP tokens go to, and connect your wallet to the website by clicking the “connect to a wallet” button. After that hit the “Change to Polygon” button. This will prompt your wallet to switch to the Polygon network.

Step 2: Staking your LP Tokens from Quickswap in the Farm

After having your wallet connected with the Dapp and having switched to the right network, we now need to click the “start stake” button for the MATIC <> HELI[0x] pool

This will open a window on the right side of your browser, where you click the “stake” button.

Clicking the “stake” button will lead you to the next step, where you are asked to select the number of LP tokens you want to stake. After picking an amount either manually or by selecting one of the percentages you want to stake, click the “confirm staking” button.

Clicking confirm staking will open the Metamask wallet and ask you to confirm a transaction. After a successful transaction, you will see this screen.

How to unstake LP tokens from the Farm:

Unstaking your LP tokens follows a similar flow as staking your tokens, whereby you need to hit the unstake button, chose how many tokens you want to unstake and then confirm this transaction in your wallet.

Please note that harvesting your rewards comes with an 8 days withdrawal period.

LP tokens can be unstaked at any point in time.

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