HELI Launch Claimdrop

Everything you need to know about our large initial liquidity Claimdrop that will reward our community for believing in HELI and supporting the project.

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The HELI Launch Claimdrop:

It would not be a proper token launch, if we were not rewarding those early supporters and believers of our project. While the HELI Lockdrop serves as a great opportunity to participate and to show future commitment to HeliSwap, we have not forgotten about those that joined us early on!c

Depending on the level of involvement, you may or may not qualify for this claim drop. We allocate points to each eligible wallet address and a combination of the below contributions may qualify you and determine your allocation:

  • Participation in Lockdrop (yes you will receive extra Claimdrop)

  • Swapped on the DEX

  • Provided Liquidity

We also consider how early you started interacting with HeliSwap. Those supporters that were involved with the DEX during the first 2 months will receive an extra rewards their participation.

We will post a Link to the official Launch Claimdrop Website very soon

FAQ on HELI Launch Claim Drop

How will I know if I qualified?

On the day that the Lockdrop ended, namely the 23rd of February, we will make our final Claimdrop allocation to include lockdrop participants.

A few days later, we will announce the final allocation together with the claim page. To know if you qualified, simply go on the claim page and connect your wallet.

You will then see how many tokens you get and how many have vested for claiming.

Is there a vesting period?

Just like the Lockdrop, the Claimdrop tokens follows a vesting schedule.

How many HELI tokens are distributed?

The exact amount will be determined and communicated to the community in time.

Can I still participate?

It is never too late to participate in everything HeliSwap related. We do announce snapshots in advance, but also reserve the right to announce snapshots after they have been taken to reward natural interaction.

When was/is the snapshot taken?

We reserve the right to announce the snapshots in advance, but to also announce claimdrops after a snapshot has already been taken to reward natural interaction.

What can i do with my HELI?

What you do with your HELI tokens is completely up to you. Some of HELI token's use-cases (but not limited to) are for investment purposes, to store value, to participate in the DAO, to provide liquidity, to trade, etc. etc. This is no investment advice.

How can I claim my HELI?

On the Website for the Claimdrop, you will be able to claim the portion of HELI that has vested.

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