Remove Liquidity

Removing liquidity on HeliSwap.

When a Liquidity provider wants to remove all or part of their liquidity, they:

  1. Can send back an equal dollar value of LP tokens to the initially provided amount/amount they wish to remove,

  2. Behind the scenes these LP get burned,

  3. The user receives back their liquidity and keeps the rest as LP rewards.

To remove liquidity on HeliSwap:

  1. Go to My positions and choose the pool you wish to Remove liquidity from. Click Remove liquidity.

  2. The next screen will prompt you to choose the proportion of liquidity to be removed, or specify an exact amount. You might be required to Approve LP tokens (give permission to the smart contracts to use your tokens). Click Approve LP.

  3. Once LP tokens are approved, you can verify your chosen amount of liquidity to be removed and click Remove.

  4. A summary modal is shown. Click Confirm and Approve the transaction in HashPack.

  5. You have successfully removed your liquidity! In addition, removing liquidity automatically distributes your fees earned from this position.

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