Hedera aims to become the go-to network for crypto fans by creating a faster and cheaper network.
HeliSwap seeks to mirror that goal by being a DeFi protocol designed for anyone – be they a crypto degen or newbie. To do this, the developers behind HeliSwap have focused on creating a sleek and simplified protocol designed to meet everyone’s needs.
As part of this effort, HeliSwap has adopted a more agile approach that involves the continuous creation of value for the community and can adapt based on market demands. Instead of committing to fixed timelines, HeliSwap has embarked on a more holistic path that involves the community in deciding the future of the protocol.
That being said, here are some of the development goals that have been decided on so far:


  • Development of a DEX that enables swaps between ERC-20, HTS and HBAR tokens
  • Liquidity Pools (LP) and the regular addition of new farms.
  • Establishing yield farms where users can generate rewards (in multiple forms) on their LP tokens


  • Development of an Analytics Dashboard that allows users to keep up to date with the latest performance metrics for HeliSwap as well as the performance of their assets.
  • The release of the HELI token


  • Implementation of DAO features for HeliSwap with governance votes conducted by HELI token holders.
  • Many more exciting developments to come…