How to Provide Liquidity on QuickSwap

The following will provide step by step instructions, how you can provide Liquidity to the HELI[0x] <> MATIC pool on Quickswap.

It is not always easy to follow the correct process without knowing exactly what that would look like. The following will provide you with all necesarry information and steps in order to add and remove Liquidity from the HELI[0x] <> Quickswap Pool.

Before we start, please open the quickswap website ( and connect your Polygon Wallet in the top right corner. If you are connecting through Metamask, please make sure that the connected network is "Polygon".

Now we are ready to provide our liquidity to QuickSwap.

Step 1: Finding the Pool

Open the "Pool" Tab on Quickswap, and make sure, that you are connected to V2 and not V3 of Quickswap. The HELI[0x] <> MATIC Pool was created on V2.

Step 2: Providing Liquidity to the Pool

Now that we are in the correct section, We need to chose Token 1 and Token 2 of the desired pool. The order in which you select the token does not really matter, but in this guide we are going to start with MATIC. Click on "Select a Token" for Token 1 and choose "Matic" from the Common bases.

As "Token 2" we select our HELI[0x]. This is a little bit more complicated, as the token is not found in the default list on QuickSwap just yet. You will need to search for the token using the token address.

HELI[0x] Token Address: 0xd30ED32f47c902636bc75D9804a6697B88FFeb31

Once you entered the Address in the search bar, the token appears and you can add it to your tokens by clicking on the "(Add)" Symbol.

If you Followed the steps correctly, Both MATIC and HELI[0x] should now be selected as your Token 1 and Token 2 to provide liquidity. You can then chose to supply a certain amount of either token, and the AMM formula will automatically match the correct token amount of the other.

In this example, we are providing 5 HELI[0x]. The Interface, if you did everything correctly, should look like this:

Now, simply click on "Supply" and confirm the transaction in your connected Wallet. Congratulations! You are now a Liquidity Provider for the MATIC <> HELI[0x] Pool on QuickSwap.

Step 3: Checking whether everything worked correctly

Congratulations, you have successfully supplied MATIC and HELI[0x] to Quickswap’s V2 protocol! If you did everything correctly, you can now return to the previous website and see your asset under the “Your Liquidity Pools” section of the website. Remember to stay in V2 !!

How to Remove your Liquidity from Quickswap:

Step 1: Opening the MATIC <> HELI[0x] Pool to remove liquidity.

Under the V2 section of the Pools, you should see the Matic <> HELI[0x] Liquidity Pool under "Your Liquidity Pools" just like the last picture above. There you have to open the pool by clicking on "Manage". You will then see a blue button where you can "Remove" liquidity - click on that button.

Step 2: Choose the amount of Liquidity you want to remove from your LP and confirm.

In the top of the UI you will see a slider that lets you adjust the amount of your LP tokens that you want to break up / remove. In the example below, we are removing 52%. Once you selected the right amount, confirm by clicking on the blue "Approve" button.

You will now need to conduct two approval transactions before you can remove liquidity.

The first transaction is one that sets a cap on your spending. This handbook suggests to opt-in for the max spending cap and then hit the next button. Please note, that opting in for the max spending cap is a suggestion only. You can chose any spending cap of your liking.

The second transaction will ask you to confirm the spending cap. If you agree, then approve this transaction as well.

Done? You can now Remove your Liquidity, as the greyed out "Remove" button above becomes visible. Click on "Remove" like below:

Congratulations! You have successfully removed your Liquidity (or a portion of it) from the MATIC <> HELI[0x] Pool on QuickSwap. In another terminology, one would say you have "broken up" your LP tokens.

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