Step-By-Step Guide to Migrate Liquidity

On May 29th, Heliswap moved a lot of pools over to an HBAR centric approach. As part of this move, some existing HBAR pools are deprecated and new pools with the same tokens are started.

Liquidity providers of old pools need to actively unstake their liquidity of the deprecated pool and stake it into the new pool. and ere is a Step-by-Step guide explaining you how to do it:

Essentially, you have to do the same as if you were removing Liquidity from a HeliSwap Yield Farm And Pool to then provide liquidity and stake that newly provided liquidty into a new Farm. To help also those that do not use the platform frequently, we made this guide.

Step 1: Unstake from the Yield Farm of all DEPRECATED Pools:

To remove your Staked Liquidity from the Pool, you first need to unstake it from the Farm. First, we go to the “Farm” tab on HeliSwap ( to unstake from all Farms concerning DEPRECATED Pools. Once you Opened the Farm Tab, go to “Show Only Staked”.

Then, ONE BY ONE, you click on each DEPRECATED Pool and unstake your Liquidity like on the Image below:

Step 1: Click “UNSTAKE”

Step 2: Click the “UNSTAKE” Button further down and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Repeat this process for all "DEPRECATED" Pools that you see under the "Show Only Staked" section before moving to Step 2.

Step 2: Remove Liquidity from Pools:

Now that we have unstaked from the Yield Farm of all DEPRECATED Pools, we need to unstake the Liquidity from the Liquidity Pool itself. To do that, open the “Pool” tab of HeliSwap and go to “My Positions” (

Then you click on “MORE” for each DEPRECATED Pool and “REMOVE LIQUIDITY” like shown on the picture below. Your Wallet will then ask you to approve the transaction.

Repeat this Process for all DEPRECATED Pools you see under the "Pools" Tab.

Once you have finished the process for all DEPRECATED Pools, they should disappear from your user experience of HeliSwap. This is how you know you are 100% and fully migrated.

Step 3: Provide Liquidity to new Pools

The new Pools that are involved in this migration are marked with a blue "New Pool" Sign under the "Pool Tab" ( . You can now Stake your Liquidity into the new Pools, before also staking them into the new Yield Farm and earning the rewards.

The Yield Farms concerning the New and Migrated Pools are also clearly marked. They show a blue "NEW" so you know you are always chosing the correct one:

Pools enjoy an increased APR for the time being, so make sure to move your liquidity as soon as you can to not miss out on APRs. DEPRECATED Pools and Farms are not incentivized.

Conclusion and Support:

Thank you for trusting in the HeliSwap DEX. We hope you enjoy the further usage of the Platform and the increased APRS. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the Migration, please open a Ticket in our Discord Server:

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