HELI Claimdrops

Everything you need to know about our HELI Claimdrops and how to participate / redeem them.

What is a Claimdrop?

Instead of distributing our tokens at will to Hedera wallets, we have built a website where you can claim the HELI tokens that we allocated to your wallet address.

That way we can make sure that your wallet is associated with the token and that the tokens actually go to those supporters that care about HeliSwap and actively redeem them.

On Hedera, a wallet needs to associate a token before it can be sent to that address. With the Claimdrop approach we make sure everyone gets their tokens

Over time, we will host several Claimdrops, where our users are rewarded for certain actions. Our first big Claimdrop, is to celebrate the release of the HELI token, the HELI Launch Claimdrop.

Future HELI Claimdrops:

To keep rewarding our users, the team will take snapshots at a regular basis and reward users for certain actions on the DEX. These rewards could be linked to above mentioned criteria but also expand to

  • Owning HELI collaboration NFTs (Dazzle Duck X HeliSwap πŸ‘€ and more coming soon)

  • Trying out new products that we launch

  • Participating in Social Media Promotion campaigns

  • DEX activities (Swaps, Provided liquidity, staked LP tokens)

  • Active, positive participation in the DAO

We reserve the right to announce the Claimdrop criteria, but to also announce Claimdrops after a snapshot has already been taken to reward natural interaction.

How do I know if I am eligible?

  • Connect your wallet to the dedicated Claimdrop website

  • You will see a list of Claimdrops

  • Once you click on any particular Claimdrop, the page will show you if you are eligble for it

  • If you are eligible for it the site is going to further show you:

    • How many tokens were allocated to you in each Claimdrop

    • How far you are into the vesting period of each Claimdrop

    • How many tokens you already claimed versus how many tokens are still outstanding.

How long can I claim?

  • You can claim your tokens up to 2 months after they fully vested (unless otherwise stated on the Claimdrop page).

  • During the vesting period, you may claim your tokens as often as you like, always receiving the proportion of the total that fully vested.

  • You forfeit your right to claim your tokens 2 months after the tokens have been fully vested. You will always be able to see the last possible claimdate for each Claimdrop, so don't forget to set your reminders.


  • You receive a HELI Claimdrop of 100 Tokens, vesting over 5 months.

  • Each second, a portion of these 100 Tokens vests linearly and you can claim that portion as many times as you like.

  • After 5 months, the remainder (or if not claimed before, the entire 100 tokens) can be claimed.

  • After 7 months, 2 months after all tokens vested, you forfeit your right to claim unclaimed tokens.

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