How to Bridge $HELI to Polygon

Instructions on how to leverage the HashPort bridge to transfer $HELI from Hedera Hashgraph to Polygon Network.

The first, and most important requirement, is to set up a Hedera wallet as well as a Polygon Wallet.

  • Recommendation for Hedera Wallet: Blade Wallet & Hashpack

  • Recommendation for Polygon Wallet: Metamask

  1. Connect your Polygon AND HashPack wallets to the app.

  2. Once you have connected both wallets, you will be able to see their balances by clicking on either of them.

  3. Make sure that you hold enough HBAR and MATIC in both wallets to pay for the Gas fee for these transactions.

Under the "Port" Tab, you can now bridge your Hedera native HELI Tokens over to Polygon. It is as simple as following these 4 Steps:

Step 1: Choose Hedera native HELI from the List of bridgable Tokens.

Step 2: Chose HELI[0x] from the List of Tokens you can bridge into. This is the Polygon version of HELI.

Step 3: Choose the Amount of Hedera native HELI tokens you would like to bridge.

Step 4: Move the Slider to the right to confirm your transaction.

Please be aware that there is a Minimum amount of tokens that need to be bridged and that Hashport charges a 0.5% Bridging Fee for each transaction.

Step 5: After you confirmed throgh the slider, both connected Wallets (Hedera & Polygon Wallets) will ask you to sign / approve the transactions.

How to Bridge $HELI from Polygon to Hedera?

The Procedure is exactly the same. But this time, you would select the HELI[0x] token as your first asset and the Hedera Native HELI as your second one. Then you follow the above steps.

The UI should look like this:

Hashpack always checks whether you hold sufficient funds for the transaction and will let you know if there is an issue through the "Slider", like you can see above.

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