Pools - Provide Liquidity to Existing Pool

Providing liquidity to an existing pool on HeliSwap.

  1. In the navigation bar on the left side, press the second button. It will take you to the Pools screen.

  2. There are two subsections - All pools and My positions. All pools gives an overview of all pools created on HeliSwap by its users, with their Total Value Locked. Clicking More to expand a chosen pool reveals information on the amount of each token in the pool, as well as your personal LP tokens count (if you are an LP provider in that pool).

  3. To provide liquidity to a chosen pool, click Add Liquidity.

  4. You will see the following screen. Specify the token amount you wish to provide for one of the tokens, and the second token calculates automatically. The dollar values of your supply should be equal.

    You might need to β€œApprove” a token before supplying to a pool. This way, you give permission to the HeliSwap smart contracts to use your token. In the case here, USDT and WETH must first be approved with a wallet message, after which the Provide button becomes available. Click Approve USDT.

  5. A pop-up from your HashPack wallet will appear, asking you to approve the Smart Contract transaction for approving the token. Click Approve.

  6. After you have approved USDT and WETH, you can now see a summary of your liquidity provision:

    • Price of WETH per USDT

    • Price of USDT per WETH

    • % of share in the pool, which you are about to provide

    When ready, click Provide.

  7. A pop-up with another summary will appear. If everything looks good, click Confirm Provide.

  8. Another Approve Transaction modal will appear from HashPack. Click Approve.

  9. You have now successfully provided liquidity!

10. Your position now appears in My positions.

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