$HELI on Polygon

In early June of 2023, HeliSwap announced a larger involvement with the Polygon Network. The following Pages will explain everything you need to now on how to use the $HELI token on Polygon.

As part of the HeliSwap expansion strategy, the very own $HELI token is slowly integrated with plausible use cases on Polygon. Here is what happened so far:

  • The HeliSwap Partner community "MANTRA DAO" received an initial claimdrop with bridged HELI tokens on Polygon.

  • A $HELI <> MATIC Liquidity Pool was created on Quickswap - one of the most prominent DEXes on Polygon.

  • A Yield Farm was created on the MANTRADAO Platform, where Liquidity Providers in the Quickswap pool can stake their LP tokens to earn rewards.

  • Deep enough Liquidity in the Pool will allow HELI Holders to tap into the Polygon Ecosystem, while also giving Exposure to HELI at the same time.

$HELI on Polygon: How-To-Guides

To Help everyone understand how to Move HELI between Hedera and Polygon, and how to benefit from the Pools and Yield farm, the following instructions were created:

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Bridge $HELI to Polygon and vice versa

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Provide Liquidity on QuickSwap for $HELI <> MATIC & Remove it

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Stake your QuickSwap LP token into the MANTRADAO Yield Farm & Remove them

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