Pools - Create a New Pool

Creating a new pool on HeliSwap.

  1. To create a new pool on HeliSwap, go to Pools โ†’ All Pools, and click Create Pool. Another option is to go to My positions where you will also see the Create Pool button.

  2. Next, you will be shown a modal for creating a pool and supplying its initial liquidity. Bear in mind you will be the first Liquidity Provider to that pool, and the amounts you supply for both tokens will determine the pair price. Make sure it corresponds to the market price of tokens, to avoid arbitrage.

  3. Choose the tokens you wish to supply and create a pool with. Take into account both tokenโ€™s market price and supply given their market ratio - TKN1/TKN2.

    You might need to approve (give permission to the smart contracts) the usage of one or both tokens with your HashPack wallet. To do so, click Approve TKN.

  4. Click Approve in the HashPack pop-up to execute the Smart Contract transaction for approving the token.

  5. After the token is approved, click the Create button to initiate the pool.

  6. A pop-up with a summary will appear. Click Confirm provide.

  7. Click Approve once again in the HashPack pop-up.

  8. Congrats! Upon viewing the success message you have now created a pool on HeliSwap!

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