Yield Farming

Yield farming on HeliSwap.

  1. Click the Farm button in the navigation bar on the left side. It will take you to the Yield Farming screen.

  2. On HeliSwap, you can farm with your LP tokens, which are received after you have supplied liquidity to a pool. Choose a pool in which you participate as a liquidity provider.

  3. On the right side, you will see your LP token amount. You can manually decrease the amount, if you don't want to stake all your LP tokens.

  4. Click Approve to allow smart contracts to use your LP tokens. Approve on HashPack. The Stake button is now available.

  5. The summary modal is shown, where you can double-check the LP token amount to be staked. Click Confirm and approve the transaction in HashPack.

  6. Congrats, you have successfully staked your LP tokens in the yield farm and have begun accumulating rewards!

  7. You can harvest your rewards on HeliSwap anytime. You can see them accumulate in real time in the farm modal, as shown below. To withdraw them, click Harvest.

8. At the summary modal, press Confirm and Approve the transaction on HashPack.

9. You have successfully harvested your reward tokens! You can see new rewards have already started accumulating.

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