DAO Guidelines

This section is to provide further guidance of which buckets the DAO has available and what type of proposals could be created

In this section we lay out some fundamental rules of the HeliSwap DAO, a community-driven organization that governs the HeliSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). The DAO is responsible for making decisions about the future of the DEX, including how to allocate resources and implement new features.

Proposal Types:

It is not easy to get a proposal passed when it is not clearly defined, well written, and the benefits are not clear. We suggest to check the Proposal Guidelines and to use the official communication channels to get in touch with the HeliSwap team for guidance. Some common categories for proposals may include

  • Whitelisting a token

  • Incentivizing a new token with a yield farm

  • Setting up new Marketing Tactics

  • Engaging in Partnerships

  • Advancing the HeliVerse & HeliSwap Product(s).

For proposals around "Advancing the HeliVerse & HeliSwap Product(s)" a previous interaction with the HelISwap team is strongly adviced as there are some ideas that may seem easy to you, but are hard or incredibly costly to implement from a tech side.

In the end as you file up a proposal, try to think of the complexity of what you are asking for. If you do not have an immediate answer on its execution in your head - consult the team. If it is a simple and straight forward proposal "whitelist token XYZ" for example, then go ahead and propose it directly.

Token Buckets:

As you may see in the Tokenomics section, the $HELI supply is seperated into different buckets fora variety of uses. There are certain buckets that are reserved for DAO usage to execute on community decisions - namely the DAO Pool Bucket & the grants bucket.

DAO Pool Bucket:

Bucket:Allocation (%)CliffVesting% Liquid at TGE

DAO Pool





Tokens from this bucket may be used for a variety of initiatives such as

  • Partnerships with other projects in the Hedera ecosystem

  • Educational and outreach programs to promote the adoption of HeliSwap and DeFi.

  • Incentivizing community led Yield Farms

Grants Bucket:

Bucket:Allocation (%)CliffVesting% Liquid at TGE






Tokens from this bucket may be used for a variety of initiatives such as

  • Incentivizing developers & researchers that are helping the HeliSwap platform

  • Supporting the creation of new products or expansion of the platform that benefit $HELI token holders and the wider community

  • other ad-hoc initiaives that require an incentivization from HeliSwap such as liquidity grants

Generally speaking, most proposals that include an allocation of $HELI tokens would fall under either of these categories. In the rare circumstances that it does not, the governing council will determine which bucket would be the most appropriate one to be used for an accepted proposal.

Ideally, a proposal that is asking for a $HELI allocation is shared with the HeliSwap team prior to it being posted so the appropiate bucket can be determined.

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