$HELI Token

Here you find general information on the $HELI token.

$HELI is HeliSwaps native token serving as a transferable representation of several utility functions attributed to it. This mainly includes Governance, Liquidity and Staking. It is a token built using the HTS (Hedera Token Service). The HELI token will serve as the backbone of the DAO structure while also rewarding active users of the platform for participating. We have a supply of 888,888,888 $HELI tokens allocated to different buckets. The $HELI tokens will be released gradually over the next 5 years (60 months) following HeliSwap’s emission schedule. The vesting period is linear and linked to time passed rather than blocks.


$HELI serves as the governance token of the DAO, used to participate in proposals and voting.


A portion of HELI tokens is used for liquidity provision incentives to reward participants of HeliSwap’s Yield Farming product.


HeliSwap offers yield returns in exchange for locking your tokens into our smart contracts. Depending on the assets staked users earn different interest in return. The HELI token can also be used on our staking platform.


The HELI Token has a supply of 888,888,888 Tokens. We do not foresee this to ever change.

As HeliSwap follows it's ambitious plans, and advances into more complex DeFi products, there may be an unplanned and unforeseen demand for more HELI tokens. Typically, projects without the ability to mint would then need to start a "big migration" to a new token, where many community members lose a bit of their tokens, or simply do not manage to transfer. At HeliSwap, our Mission is to be user and customer friendly, and to repay the communities trust by building great things. Therefore, and with foresight, we decided to keep a supply key for the token, which can only be included when first minting, and not be added retroactively.

The ONLY WAY more tokens could be minted, is if the community creates and votes on a proposal in the DAO to trigger the supply key. There is no one team member, or few team members, who could trigger this function, as the complete ownership of the so called "supply key" lies within the community and several parameters have to be hit to trigger the key (minimum participation, % etc)

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