Emission Schedule

Here you find all details of the $Heli token's emission schedule. For more detailed information on vesting and cliff periods, please look at "Token Allocation"

All 888,888,888 $HELI tokens will be supplied following a linear decay emission model. This linear model leads to a more stable distribution and ideally less fluctuations in the token value. To spread the distribution according to the growth needs of the company, certain allocation buckets follow a defined cliff and vesting period. The Team & Advisor bucket is barred with a 2 year cliff and 3 year vesting schedule, as we want to show our community the strong level of commitment that the team has for HeliSwap and to build out a sustainable and mature product over time.

Vesting with time - Hedera Hashgraph

The Hedera Hashgraph, though somewhat related to alternative blockchains, is not a blockchain in itself as it contains no blocks. The Hashgraph algorithm rather works with timestamps, which are then used as the consensus timestamp for a transaction. For HeliSwap this means that the $HELI token does not vest by block, but with time (even seconds) - this also includes the rewards earned on the platform.

Emissions schedule over the next 5 years

You can find more detailed information under the Token Allocation

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