What is HeliSwap?

HeliSwap is an open-source decentralized exchange protocol, living in the Hedera ecosystem. It is the first Hedera DEX to support ERC20 token swaps, along with HBAR and HTS tokens.
HeliSwap V1 is a fork of Uniswap V2, inheriting Uniswap’s features and utilizing them through Hedera Hashgraph. Apart from Yield farming in V1, the roadmap includes exciting additions next to liquidity provision and swapping to be implemented for next version(s).
Built by LimeChain in partnership with MANTRA DAO and supported by The HBAR Foundation.

How will HeliSwap work behind the scenes?

HeliSwap utilizes the constant product Automated Market Maker formula, known well to all DeFi users:
x * y = k
Each HeliSwap pair manages a liquidity pool made up of two token reserves. They can be HBAR/HTS, HTS/HTS, HBAR/ERC-20 and HTS/ERC-20.
The constant product formula means the product of every two tokens x and y in a pool stays the same. This provides arbitrage opportunities, which ensure the price is continuously adjusted towards the current market price of the token pair.

How is HeliSwap governed?

Governance will be taken up by the DAO after its establishment in the coming months.
Currently, the only feature requiring governance is fee collection, which is turned off for the time being. Later on, the DAO members will decide on matters such as fee activation, additional protocol features and enhancements, grants etc.

Has HeliSwap been Audited?

HeliSwap was audited by Halborn. Apart from being AWS, Amazon and CISSP certified, Halborn is trusted across chains like Polygon, Solana, THORchain, and protocols such as Pangolin, MANTRA, SushiSwap and more.
No major issues were present in the audit findings, which freed up time for the team to continue building and preparing for launch.
Audit findings may not be visible, as the repo is private. It will be open sourced at launch.

What wallets can I use for HeliSwap?

HeliSwap V1 utilizes Hedera’s current most used and trusted wallet HashPack. Following HeliSwap’s ERC20 token support, the team is working hard to integrate other popular wallets in the coming months.
For information on how to install and connect your HashPack wallet, please visit our tutorial

Will there be a HeliSwap token?

The $HELI token is coming soon. The team and partners are currently going through the final touches of tokenomics and conjuring exciting ways to provide value to users through $HELI. Information on $HELI tokenomics to be available soon.