1. Zealy Web3 Community

Zealy is a Web3 Community Platform that is integrated with the HeliSwap Discord, Twitter and Telegram - but it doesn't stop here.

Participate actively on the Platform to complete quests and earn XPs. The fun part is, that the platform involves a levelling system based on those XPs and that some quests require you to complete a previous one - constant progress assured!

We are doing regular so called "Sprints" on the HeliSwap Zealy Platform (roughly a monthly basis) where the Top 100 Users over a specified timeframe will share a $HELI Price pool. This timeframe is called a Sprint and you can find it on the Zealy Website.

In total, we will Distribute 100,000 $HELI Tokens among the Top 100 Zealy members at the end of the first sprint. The Distribution will be in relation to each persons XP points compared to the rest.

We will do similar tactics on a monthly basis, the Reward allocation may change depending on adoption.

The Rewards will be passed out as a Claimdrop on HeliSwap and vest over 1 Month. Only Users that have provided their Hedera Wallets by a specified time will be eligible for their allocation.

Have fun on Zealy! Here are some of the categories that you can earn XPs on:


#Enter HeliSwap's World

Connect to our Socials

#Choose your Character

Choose the Discord Role that most represents you

#XP Boost

Connect to Zealy daily and earn points


Invite Frens to Zealy to earn more XP

#Home Base

Connect to HeliSwap and fulfill basic actions

#Onboarding Quiz

Complete the HeliSwap DeFi onboarding quiz


Learn about the HeliVerse product

#Get Creative

Make Memes, posts, stickers or articles for big XP

#Ecosystem Quiz

Do you know about the Hedera Ecosystem? Show us


Make a Post, or QT ours, to help us grow

#Partner Follow

Get engaged with our Partners Socials - they deserve it

#Nerd out HeliSwap

Advanced Tasks to do with HeliSwap and the Heli Token

#Heli Exclusive

Exclusive Discord Roles and Perks that require very high Level

There will be more categories and the team will constantly add new tasks as well. So keep checking in.

Check out our other Loyalty features:

page2. Level-up in Discordpage3. Invite Friends to Discord, earn $HELI

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